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Wallace is a business with over 70 years experience of recycling and the reduction of waste. Taking advantage of modern clean technologies is at the heart of our future plans. The recycling of agricultural waste products performs a valuable service for the environment. We are a creative, ingenious industry.

Rendering & Tanning

Rendering is an industrial process that stabilises, sterilises and separates animal by-products into two value added products.

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Farmer & Grower

We take food processing waste streams that would otherwise go to landfill, combined with additional products to create quality compost.

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View a comprehensive list of our finished products generated from our Rendering, Tanning and Compost devisions.

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Wallace Group World Markets

Wallace Group World Markets

High Quality Compost for Growers and Farmers

Better Pasture, Healthier Crops, Cleaner World

Wallace Corporation Limited operates a composting operation at the Waitoa site. The composting operation is a means of dealing with various by-product streams from its own business and those of its suppliers.

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Casualty Cow Collection

The collection of casualty stock is the environmentally sound way of protecting our valuable waterways. If it were not for the collection and recycling efforts of renderers, mountains of organic waste materials would create an immense environmental problem.

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