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Casualty Cow Collection

The collection of casualty stock is the environmentally sound way of protecting our valuable waterways. If it were not for the collection and recycling efforts of renderers, mountains of organic waste materials would create an immense environmental problem. Learn more about this service here.

We Buy Skins

We provide a recovery service to collect skins throughout New Zealand. Wallace Group is proud of its role in reducing the impact on the environment from lamb and calf carcasses as disposal can affect water quality. Converting waste lamb and calf skins into valued consumer goods has created a positive industry around the by-product of a natural death.


Composting is a natural biological process that turns organic waste into a clean, stable and useful product that can be beneficially applied to land and reduce waste destined for landfill

Wallace Group take food processing waste streams that would otherwise go to landfill, combined with additional products and composting starters to create quality compost for our agri-business partners.

Compost Process

Wallace Group Compost Process

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