Other Skins

We offer a wide variety of other skins and hides of New Zealand origin.

  • Goats: Small skins finished hair- on for garments and accessories. Available in crust or dyed as requested.
  • Deer: Salted.
  • Salted Lamb and Sheep skins: Wool-on skins, drum salted and graded to meet the requirements of fellmongeries and tanners.
  • Pickled Lamb and Sheep pelts: New Zealand freezing works production.
  • Cattle Hides: Fleshed, salted and graded ox, cow and bull hides for footwear, clothing and upholstery leather manufacturers.

Beta Lamb Skin

Beta Lamb Skin

Deer skin

Deer skin

Casualty Cow Collection

The collection of casualty stock is the environmentally sound way of protecting our valuable waterways. If it were not for the collection and recycling efforts of renderers, mountains of organic waste materials would create an immense environmental problem. Learn more about this service here.

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